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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WVU's Devine Joins Guild

Morgantown - Heralded WVU freshman running back, Noel Devine, has been tremendous on the field early in the season. Unfortunately though, he's a father of 25 and must provide for his children. In an attempt to make some side money, Devine announced today that he is joining the famed Lollipop Guild.

"This has always been a life-time dream. The guild is filled with my people...the midgets of the world that seek to entertain and brighten others' day. Let's face it, I'm a performer on the field, amongst fertile bitches, and now, on the yellow-brick road." When questioned on how he got started, Noel continued. "Well, the guild contacted me first. You could say they recruited me. I got a call one day - they said they'd had a lot of success with another football player. Some Del Sardo guy from Pitt. Supposedly he had some Ipod obsession so he needed a buncha dough. The guild said he did a great job for them; his energy never stopped. Had to quit because of some sort of business with powder of some sort."

When asked if the guild would interfere with his school or football, Noel stated, "Maybe it will; I really don't care though. Only thing that matters to me is knocking up enough ho's to get enough kids so i can get my own area code. That's bawler. But after I saw what happened to Travis Henry, I know I need to start saving money. I take care of my kids!"


Nathan Hale said...

Noel Devine is yet another reason why Wanny wants Pitt to "run faster".

Ho, I'm Gonna Wlat In Yo Face! said...

Noel's dad should have pulled his warty-ass cock outta the whore he banged to produce Noel. Actually, every dad of a person that went to wVU should have done that.