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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Panther Rants speaks for Pitt fans everywhere when we say:

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dr jimmy said...

Season over, 2 wins, maybe 3 tops, in 85 when they hired Mike Gottfried, Mike picked up the Foge pieces and made Pitt competitive, but Ed Bozik did not care for Mike and fired him. Then we suffered and suffered until yes, Walt was hired.

Yes, Walt was a bit weird and wore sunglasses during night games but he did win, what did Jeff Long do? Not renew his contract and hire Dave, remember, Dave is going to build a national championship program.

The Pitt administration is fucked up, hell I would not be suprised if they make Dave the AD, remember Pitt was considering offering the head coaching job to Matt C or Paul R.

Were fuckin doomed, face it, any decent coach we fire and hire suck ass losers (Fazio, Hackett, Majors II, Dave)

Fuck i need happy pills