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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dave Wannstedt Press Conference

Dave Wannstedt held a press conference on Monday to talk about the UConn game and updates on the team. He also talked about changes in line for the offense as Pitt had a dismal time throwing the football this past Saturday. The press conference didn’t last long as coach Wannstedt stormed out of media room about last year’s meltdown against UConn. Here’s a recap:

On the offense:

“We had some issues throwing the ball on Saturday. Kevan threw two bad interceptions…one of them was returned for a touchdown. We also had a key pass dropped in the end zone that would have won the game. I sat down with the staff on Sunday, and we’ve decided to say f**k it and we are switching to the Wing-T offense the rest of the season. The reason for it is we have issues at QB and our receivers can’t catch. So you will see Maurice Williams at quarterback with Collins, LeSean, and Larod in the backfield. We’re also experimenting with the Maryland-I formation as well. I promised we would get a power running game so here you go. You guys (media) bitched about it. The fans and alumni bitched about it. Well here you go. Are you happy now? Don’t give me that look, Beano. Go on television and tell everyone your stories about Fordham back in 1930’s and how they outsmarted the opposition by sending the water boy to the Woolworth’s down the street to buy winter boots before halftime helping them come back and win the game.”

On the UConn game:

"This should be our trademark game. UConn doesn’t have DJ Hernandez at quarterback this time around. They have a solid football team who won the Motor City Bowl back in 2004. I know their university and its fans carry a smugness with them, but when you win a bowl game like that…those are bragging rights. Hell, just imagine if we make it to a bowl and win. I know we have some national titles and bowl wins in recent memory, but who can compete with that? Other than that, our team is treating this like a bowl game as UConn may be treating this as the same. If DJ Hernandez doesn’t get put in a QB, we should be in good shape. Our new offense should also provide some confusion for everyone including the fans."

On the 46-45 loss to the Huskies last year:

"The Huskies are who what we thought they were. We played them last year for three and a half quarters and we lost. THE HUSKIES ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! THAT’S THE WAY WE TOOK THE DAMN FIELD! NOW IF YOU WANNA CROWN THEM, THEN CROWN THEIR ASS! BUT THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE, AND WE LET ‘EM OFF THE HOOK!"


Don Mattingly said...

Nice job on heniz field, the RENT is way better. I dont care about your nine national championships because its in the past and the past does not matter. We beat your asses last year. This is a stupid site and noone is ever going to read or reply to it. UCONN by at least 21 points.

In My Seat 90 Minutes Before Kickoff said...

"noone is ever going to read or reply to it."

Pittikrit said...

Wait, if the past does not matter....why are you bragging about Uconn beating Pitt last year?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mattingly,

Thanks for reading...and commenting.

Anonymous said...

Don, I'll take that bet, i can use the cash to make bail.

OJ from vegas county lock-up

Anonymous said...

Go Huskies
Go Huskies
Go Huskies

Root for the true blue

Go Huskies!

Anonymous said...

Go Huskies, but don't forget buy a garman nav system to find your home stadium.

Go blow

Anonymous said...

don, you just made my day - thanks...