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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fuck the Fat 10 week - parting shot

George Perles was the Wlat of Michigan State. He only won one game more than he lost and he got Sparty put on probation. And that mouthbreather was elected trustee? Yinz are real smart.

Mandarich was on roids. You know that he was on roids. Deal with it.

Michigan is a suck shit state that that makes Pennsylvania, also a suck shit state, look like Hawaii. It's colder in Michigan. It's grayer in Michigan and the economy's worse. It's like Mississippi with snow.

Magic Johnson was....actually, he was pretty good. He did suck at putting on condoms though...and "The Magic Hour" was the Chevy Chase show without the charm and humor.

and lastly

Fuck the Fat 10.


Wlat 3:16 said...

I like the fact that the dumb slap that scanned it couldn't bring himself to take the address label off. MSU fans are retards.

Anonymous said...

did magic fuck um all?