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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rhoads, "Ehh, to hell with it."

In an exclusive and rare moment after Tuesday’s practice, University of Pittsburgh defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads admitted that maybe the base defense isn’t working against opposing teams.

And he really doesn’t care.

“Look,” Rhoads said in an exclusive telepathic interview while walking to his Lee Majors brown Fall Guy truck after practice, “you work for a company, right? You have a guy at your office that just fucks off on the internet all day and does the bare minimum? Well, I’m that guy here.”

Furthermore, Rhoads offers no apology for his approach to his job or the team. He believes that the staff is similar to a typical office and the different personalities that mesh and that he adds balance to the staff. For every motivated employee there’s the guy who takes a two hour lunch and follows it with a 20 minute shit.

“Not everyone can be the go-getter type in the office. And who wants to be around a whole group of those assholes anyways?” Rhoads said. “We used to have staff meetings at my old job, and every day the boss would come in and say, ‘what are YOU gonna’ do today to make this place better?’ All these guys are stressing about what they’re gonna’ say and I just said, ‘I’m gonna call my wife for about an hour, then I’m gonna’ read the paper online, and then I’m going to lunch.’ I mean, what do I care if this company gets better? Doesn’t line my pockets in the least. To hell with ‘em.”

With the 3-1 Virginia Cavaliers on the schedule next he feels no need to alter his methods of working with the team or developing strategies. In fact, Rhoads talked about sneaking off and taking a nap at Wednesday’s practice. When asked how Rhoads defends his laissez faire attitude towards coaching he immediately pointed to his trademark jump after key defensive stops.

“Look, doesn’t jumping count for anything around here? Look at our coaching staff; it’s a collection of stiffs. (Head coach Dave) Wannstedt stares at the field like it’s a double-breaker downhill putt. Cavanaugh? Is he even awake? At least I show some emotion out there and give the impression that I’m trying really hard,” Rhodes said.

One thing Rhoads isn’t trying hard to do is pay attention to what is being said in the media and on internet message boards about him. He said that he never reads the papers and rarely turns on talk radio. He said he’ll worry about perceptions when he hears about it from the administration.

“Ehh, whaddya’ gonna do? If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, they’ll replace me, I’m not gonna’ lose sleep over it,” he said.


vito said...

over the last 9 games we are 2-7

Anonymous said...

That is a real negative way to steer the statistics, Vito. I like to think of us as 2-0 versus the last 4 teams we faced except Mich State and UConn

Double-wide Headband said...

clearly, Mr. Anonymous is a true Pitt fan

vito said...