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Thursday, September 13, 2007

F**k the Fat 10 week - Thursday

The title of this video is "The Most Fun that we can have at Michigan State." If this is truly the case, Pitt is the University of Hawaii, Florida State and Arizona all wrapped up into one. So the most fun you can have in E. Lansing is following the Sean Hanninty-looking mascot around and then giggling at nothing whatsoever. Well, I guess it beats getting sodomozed by Tony Mandarich in a roid-induced (allegedly) rage.

Anyways, welcome to the gayest and strangest video in the world, assuming you can get through it.

1 comment:

ElGrecoVerde said...

Comparing Sparty to Sean Hannity is downright cruel. Jay Leno? Maybe. But Sean Hannity? You stepped over the line, Smokey.