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Monday, September 10, 2007

F**k the Fat 10 Week begins - Michigan State

We here at Panther Rants hate the Fat 1o Conference. For starters, we can't stand the elitism of that glorified community college to the northeast of Pittsburgh. Secondly, we find the strongarm tactics of the Fat 10 Network in regards to cable companies inexcusable. And lastly, we're tired of how Fat 10-centric the midwestern media is. No one in their right mind believed that Ohio State and Michigan should rematch in the BCS CHampionship game...except the midwestern Fat 10 media.

But dammit, we just can't bring ourselves to hate the Pitt of the Fat 10 better known as Michigan State. The two schools are so similar it's insane. Neither team has been relevant since the Mesozoic Era and has been plagued by stupid-assed administrative decisions. When either program gets a good coach (MSU = Saban. Pitt = Jackie Sherrill) they can't retain them. And when they get a mediocre coach (MSU = George Perles. Pitt = Wlat Harris) they propose him for sainthood. In fact, Michigan State might be dumber than Pitt. Sparty is so stupid that Perles, a man who sued the university after he was fired after the 1994, was elected last November to the school's board of trustees. Can you imagine Wlat a trustee at Pitt? We can't either.

So it's only fair that, after watching years of mediocre football and stupid moves, you just snap. And that's exactly what Detroit sports talk host Mike Valenti did after last year's loss to Notre Dame (link below). Have a listen, it only sounds like 98-percent of our rants after Pitt losses.

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