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Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Fat 10 f**ked us - Pitt/Michigan State recap

BLAWNOX (PR) -- Well, another big opponent, another bed shitting performance for Pitt.

If it's not inexperience, it's penalties. If it's not penalties, it's turnovers. If it's not turnovers, it's all three. This said, this game has similar feelings to the 2002 Texas A&M game at Heinz Field.

In both games we saw an inexperienced quarterback. At times, it looked like we would have been better off with the pictured Kevin Smith behind center than the one with an "a" in his name and everyone screamed for Pat Bostick. And in 2002, we all screamed for Palko over a turnover-prone Rod Rutherford.

In both games, we expected to see the defense pushed around and Jehuu Culcrick and Javon Ringer add their names to the illustrious "still running" list. And, surprisingly, the defense actually did what it is designed to do: bend but not break (God, if we had to hear the anouncers say that ONE MORE TIME!)

And in both games, despite the loss, we found a reason to have hope, maybe for the first time in the Dave Wannstedt era at Pitt. Shady McCoy emerged as a true threat on his 1,917 yard touchdown run. Smith looks like he can be a servicable quarterback like Rutherford turned out to be. And, sonofabitch, 'Ol Matt Cavanaugh is showing that he might actually try to implement an offense that is actually somewhat innovative.

Pluses, minuses and shit


LeSean McCoy: Whaddya say that hasn't already been said? 173 yards on 25 carries and a touchdown. And more importantly, we provides a burst of speed and hard running style that hasn't been seen since Brandon Miree.

The Much Maligned Paul Rhodes: He's been blasted here. He's been blasted by our boys on PittBlather. Shit, he's been blasted everywhere. But the defense played a marvelous game against a larger front seven than Pitt will probably see most of the year. While we rarely put any pressure on Drew Stanton last year (or anyone else for that matter) Hoyer was sacked six times. I'll repeat that: Pitt's D caused six sacks against a team that doesn't play in the Parkway Conference.


Kevan Smith: Yes, it was his first game against a real opponent but it was a crap performance nontheless. Throws into double coverage. Bad reads. Two fumbles, one lost.

Oderick Turner: Two catches for 15 yards and a fumble. And he catches the ball in the endzone, Pitt wins. Simple as that. With an inexperienced QB under center the wide receivers MUST capitalize on the opportunities that they do have. That said. It's a Pitt tradition to bitch up balls in the endzone. Fitz did against West Virginia and, uhmmm, R.J. English anyone?


Uniforms These uniforms actually get gayer looking as the game goes along. The blue pants make us look like Akron. And the Big block letters on the jersey with the big block letters on the helmet make it look like we can't remember who the hell we are. Then again, maybe it's to help those of us watching on television, since we look so damn much like Florida International, BYU and about 18 other teams. Stop screwing around and bring back uniforms that people other than Pitt fans actually recognize.

ESPN announcers Did Jehuu Culcrick escape a Civil War in some country when he was young? Those announcers never tell ya shit.

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