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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pitt Celebrates 2nd Straight Moral Victory

Pittsburgh - Pitt played a stellar opponent last night at Heinz Field. The UConn Huskies came into town looking to back up their claim for a top 5 national ranking after downing powerhouse Temple last week. After a rough first half, Pitt was able to settle down and hold it's own. Down only 27-7 at half-time, they mounted a furious comeback thanks to heralded freshman qb, Pat Bostick. Head Coach, Dave Wannstedt, elaborated. "Pat played great. Real great. Only 3 interceptions shows a strong grasp of the offense and we're looking forward to him next week. We were able to neutralize the powerful huskies and come out with a 7-7 tie in the second half."

When asked about the sizzling freshman running back, Lesean "Shady" McCoy, Wannstedt continued. "We chose to go with Larod Stephens-Howling to start and get the bulk of the carries. He had a huge argument with his girlfriend this week and needed a pick me up. Needed to feel like a big man so we felt it'd be nice to let him see some action on the field. No one likes to see a midget cry."

Pitt fans frequenting message boards concurred. "Larod is a loyal guy and he should be rewarded," commented an anonymous source. "The second half of this game showed that Pitt is headed in the right direction. Despite all the injuries, our guys still hung in there and fought. The last series of the game, they were still battling. The coaches put the players in a great position to get another moral victory and they pulled through. Obviously, the second half adjustments were stellar, as usual with this coaching staff. Wannstedt should be applauded for righting the ship after half-time. There's nothing but high hopes for the near and distant future."

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