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Friday, September 28, 2007

(He Who Went To Bowls) Picks - Sept. 28

What's this I see? My name is actually spelled properly?

Actually, we didn't spell your name at all.

Whatever. Looks like I'm gonna finally start to get some respect around here. Those five bowls don't seem so mediocre and shitty now, do they? Remember those three straight wins against Virginia Tech? Yeah, well, you've now lost three out of four to UConn. And you're on the verge of losing three straight to Louisville and West Virginia. I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that I never lost three straight to WVU.

But that's enough gloating....for today. Lets get on with the picks.

No. 5 West Virginia (minus 7) at No. 18 South Florida.
Make sure ya tune in tonight becuse you're gonna witness the official arrival of USF as a program. Raymond James is sold out for tonight's clasf top 25 teams. Part of that is because is because South Florida has finally caught on in Tampa. The other part is because this should be a good game. The Bulls proved last year that they have the rush D to shut down Pat White and Slaton. I think this game comes down to whatever quarterback can throw the ball better. And Groethe has looked good so far this year. BULLS 28-24.

No. 6 California (plus 5 1/2) at No. 11 Oregon Ducks’
Both of these teams have come out on fire to open the season. However, Oregon is always tough in Autzen Stadium and Cal is good for one bitch up game a year. DUCKS 41-28.

No. 1 Southern California (minus 20 1/2) at Washington
Trojans have won five straight against Huskies. However, the Huskies have slowly been improving under Ty WIllingham and the game is in Seattle. Ty's due for a signature win. For starters, he's been there three years. Secondly, imagine how badly it would piss off Notre Dame fans to se WIllingham upset USC, something he was a couple of plays away from doing last year? HUSKIES 35-33

Pitt (+6) vs. UVA
These are two teams going in completely opposite directions. Virginia's hasnt looked dominating but they've won three straight after dropping their opener against Wyoming. Pitt looks more lost than I did on the sidelines during the spread offense debacle. Add in the fact that Pitt is starting a raw quarterback and freshman running back and this has the makings for a rough evening. CAVALIERS 28-14.

And Lastly, just to rub it in a little more...

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