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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Grambling coach, "we are more than just a band."

Grambling head coach Rod Broadway is fired up for the Tigers game Saturday against Pitt at Heinz Field.
And not because he thinks the game will be a great matchup.
"I hear one more person ask, 'is your band coming?' and I'm gonna' lose it," Broadway said in a telepathic interview with Panther Rants Tuesday. "Ya' know, we do have a football team too."
A team that defeated Alcorn State 31-10 over the weekend, in fact. However, since the game
with Pitt was announced more than a year ago all everyone wants to talk about is Grambling's big, bad, R&B laden band. Considered by many to be the best college marching band in the world, the Tiger Band has played at Super Bowls, Presidential inaugural parades and abroad.
The excitement has apparently filtered from the fans and alumni all the way up to the coaching staff.
"Coach Wannstedt called me over the summer and said, 'man, I can't wait to see you guys," Broadway said. "I told him it was mutual and then Wanny said, 'So, you guys gonna' be playing that new Fergie song? That's my jam.' Damn man! It's like these motherfuckers are obsessed or something."
Broadway then began talking about his strategy for beating Pitt Saturday. Broadway abruptly ended the interview when he was asked if the band would be playing any 50 Cent.


Anonymous said...

So, is the band coming?

Anonymous said...

i heard wlat was going to show up with the band, any truth to this rumor?