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Friday, September 21, 2007

Walt's Picks - Sept 21

Well, I see that you people have riled up some of the University of Overpasses and Cloverleafs fanbase this week. What a buncha Perrier-sipping, cartigan over the shoulder flamers these people are. Hey UConn, lemme', you know, axe ya this: Which buncha sissy-asses slid on third down against Pitt three years ago? Huh? You buncha bitches. I can't....

Psst. Hey Wlat, that was actually you.

E-revelant. Because who won the game, huh? Steely Dan listening buncha...

Wlat. Yo, Wlat. They won the game too.

Huh? Well, what about last year's game?

Pitt lost that one too.

Getda fuck outta' here? Seriously? Two out of three to a basketball school? My God, we suck. Well, screw it. Let's bring on my picks.

No. 22 Georgia (plus 3 1/2) at No. 16 Alabama
Georgia is 1-7 in its past eight at Bryant-Dennys Waitress Stadium. Add to that the fact that Alabama can put some points up, as they showed last week against the University of That Jag who Pushed Me Out the Door. And frankly, Georgia sucks. They absolutely suck, especially on offense. They havent been the same since WVU lit that ass up in the 2006 Sugar Bowl. And I dont see them righting the ship tomorrow either. TAHDE - 35-17

Washington State (plus 24 1/2) at No. 1 Southern California Why is this an 8 p.m. game on ABC? Anyone know? Not only do I have to watch a shitty matchup in primetime I'm also probably stuck with Brent Musberger. Thanks. is about as worthy of my time as a stewardess with a goiter and ringworm. TROJANS 42-7.

No. 10 Penn State (minus 3) at Michigan
Undefeated Penn State rolls into Michigan as a mere three point favorite against the Wolverines. Well whoopty, you know, shit. Penn State people have been crowing about their team's start since the huge win over the worst Notre Dame team since the forward pass became legal. Just one problem: Michigan has won eight straight against this school. That wears on you psychologically, trust me. Look for two potential outcomes Saturday. (1) Michigan blows them off of the field. (2) PSU builds a big lead only to implode in Michigan State like fashion. Regardless, it'll be hysterical to watch. WOLVERINES 30-28.

UCONN (plus) 10 vs. Pitt
Life should be easier for Kevan Smith this weekend than it was last weekend. He'll be on his home field with the much softer environment of 50,000 of his closest friends dressed in gold and the rest of the stadium taken up by Pitt fans. Add in the fact that UConn's d-line cant possibly be as large as Michigan State's and there should be some holes for either McCoy or Stevens-Howling to run through. PANTHERS 28-10

NOTE: Walt went 4-0 last week overall. Something he never did at Pitt, Stanford or Hi-Tops.

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