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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dave Wannstedt: This Time It's Personal

Another season of Pitt Football is winding down and this time, it's personal. It's personal for Pitt fans, alumni, boosters, donors, etc. It's personal for Ron Cook, Kevin Gorman, Paul Zeise, Bob Smizik. It's personal for the Pitt Blogosphere. As for us here? Hell it gives us plenty of writing material to go on if we ever got off our lazy behinds to write.

One Question about all of this: Why is everyone taking this season so personal? I mean what were you expecting? Have you paid attention to this program since Wannstedt was hired? Here's all you need to know....and I learned this from the Sun Bowl in 2009 (Which took myself some time to get over):

Seasons under Dave Wannstedt either BEGIN in disaster or END in disaster. Let's look at the tale of the tape.....

2005: Pitt coming off a BCS Bowl with a share of the Big East title. Nationally ranked with most of the returning cast from the year before. Pitt gets donkey punched on National TV from Jabba the Hut. They lose to Ohio the next week, Let's not forget the 7-6 debacle in Nebraska.

Verdict: Began in disaster
2006: Start out 6-1. Pitt drops a big game against Rutgers. Blows a 31-17 at UConn by running Larod Stephens up the middle on just about every other play. Pitt loses out and misses another bowl game.

Verdict: Ended in disaster

2007: Pitt opens the season by losing their starting quarterback, Bill Stull, to injury. They have to chose between Kevan Smith and Pat Bostick. Bostick eventually becomes the starter. Pat had mobility, lack of arm strength, and no experience. Pitt limps to a 4-7 record before "13-9".

Verdict: Began in disaster

2008: Pitt loses to Bowling Green...recovers to finish get their first bowl game since January 2005. Pitt would lose two of their next three. One loss would cost them the BE title. The other a 3-0 loss in the Sun Bowl.

Verdict: Ended in disaster. You can make the case for both, but the Bowling Green loss didn't sting as much as the 3-0 game....or the Cincy Game which costed Pitt the BE title.

2009: Pitt starts out 9-1....drops their last two to WVU and Cincy. The Cincy loss stung the most as Pitt squandered a 31-10 lead.

Verdict: Ended in disaster

2010: Pitt nationally ranked, BE Favorite, and a clear path to the BE title. Pitt goes 2-3 in non-conference with losses to Utah, Miami, and ND. Starts out 4-0 in Big East play before dropping the next two.

Verdict - It began in disaster and it's about to end in disaster as well.

So there you have it. So again, why get worked up over this season? It's no different from any other season Pitt has had. There's always some catastrophe waiting to balance things out when things are going really well. It's Pitt Football...It's who we are.....and It's what we endure.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wannstedt Receives Praise

Blawnox - Pitt Head Football Coach received a strange call at approximately 6am this morning. On the other end was none other than the legendary professional bowler, "Big Ern" McCracken. "I never expected a call that early in the morning," confessed Coach Wannsedt, "but I'll take any positive news I can get."

McCracken commented. "Listen, I'm in Vegas for a big match. The girls and I are up late drinking Tanqueray and Tab, ya know. We're having a good time with some high rollers. We're laying some money on games for tomorrow when I see the highlights from yesterday. And damn if that Pitt game wasn't the Munson of the year."

Wannstedt stated, "I have no idea who or what a Munson award is, but it sure sounds good to me. I knew a guy named Munson once; he worked third shift at the mill and he was a great guy. We used to get some Irons after a shift and sometimes sneak in some cole slaw and fish sandwiches. Heckuva guy."

McCracken continued, "Wannstedt on that sideline, running his hands through his hair, screwing up in a big moment when he had the world by the tail, just made my heart warm thinking of my buddy Roy. Well, Roy can't really run his fingers through his hair because he doesn't have hair or fingers, ha! Ha-ha! Alright reporter guy, I have some needy single mothers to take care of..."

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pitt Players Arrested After UConn Game

The hits just keep coming for the Pitt Football program. They have had three players arrested for incidents that happened off the field. This time, it's on the field. Several members of Pitt's defense were arrested for sexually assaulting UConn running back Jordan Todman.

Among those arrested were Max Gruder, Greg Williams, and Dom DeCicco. Pitt's Athletic Department has declined comment at this time. Jordan Todman can't be reached for comment as the UConn Athletic Department has said that he is "still running". Panther Rants talked with the local Law Enforcement and they released this statement:

"We are still gathering information on the reported incidents. We need to reach Jordan, but we've heard he is running somewhere. As for the sexual assaults that took place, we can't tell if the three Pitt linebackers accused were either trying to tackle Jordan or if they were dry-humping him."

Panther Rants will keep you updated as this story unfolds.