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Monday, September 5, 2011

Waco - This off-season, the Big East welcomed it's newest member, TCU.  Conference leaders expanded into Texas, mostly in order to bring a legitimate football team into the fold.  You know, one that could actually finish ranked.

TCU, looking for a home to get an automatic berth to BCS games, was eager to join the Big East; namely because the Big 10/12 and SEC didn't want them.  It seemed a match made in heaven.

It should be noted that TCU will officially begin conference play in 2012.  However, the result was what would be expected:  TCU, after not losing any regular season games in the past two seasons, immediately goes out and gets ass-pounded by a crappy Baylor team.  More disturbing, after finishing the past two seasons with the overall #1 ranked defense in the NCAA, gave up 50 points and 564 yards to Baylor.  That's right, the same Baylor team who hasn't won a bowl game since 1994.  In fact, has been in exactly one bowl game since 1994.

Is this a coincidence?  Or is this the curse of the Big East?  You decide.