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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Grambling Band Shocker

Pittsburgh (PA) Pitt Panther fans, looking forward to an entertaining halftime show headlined by the world famous Grambling Band were somewhat surprised by the act. Words like "shocked", "unbelievable", "ridiculous", and "insulting" were thrown around after the game by the dozens of fans in attendance, many of whom left Heinz Field in a daze upon learning that the Grambling Band was none other than the legendary Supertramp (pictured right). Supertramp played a selection of hits from their seminal album 'Breakfast in America', including an emotional rendition of 'Take the Long Way Home', which they dedicated to longtime fan Wlat Harris. The band played with enthusiasm belying their advanced age, however the reception by the fans in attendance did not match the effort the band put forth. When reached for comment, Grambling band director Dr. Larry Pannell indicated he was disappointed in the reaction. "I figured Supertramp would be perfect for our game with Pitt. Both personify mediocrity, and Supertramp has the added bonus of appealing directly to the average resident of Pittsburgh" Dr. Pannell said. He continued, "Maybe we should've brought Joe Grushecky". It is safe to assume that the Grambling Band received a reception that will not be rivaled by any other college band that will visit Heinz Field this year, and perhaps the worst since Nebraska inexplicably brought Dr. Octagon (pictured left, with Tom Osborne) with them back in 2004. Long time season ticket holder Roger Smythe summed up the prevailing attitude in the stadium, "I guess I just wasn't in a Supetramp mood. Isn't it about time Pitt played with more of a Fall Out Boy attitude?".

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