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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Panther Rants would like to officially announce the death of referring to Walt Harris as "Wlat."

Walt was the cause of much frustration throughout his eight years as head coach at Pitt. But we feel it is time to channel our energy towards the current coaching disappointments. In no way can we condone jokes, jabs and parodies of Harris after the disappointment, lackluster and straight up embarrasing play that took place last night against the University of Connecticut.

We would like to use this space to apologize to coach Harris and legitimately thank him for his service and dedication to the university. At least with Harris we had reasons to have hope. At least with Harris we could believe that we had a chance to win every game against every opponent. After last night, we have neither of these feelings with the current regime.

Lastly, although we will no longer be referring to Harris as "Wlat," we will still be using the word. It will instead be used in reference to the acronym "Wannstedt's Losing Assed Team."

1 comment:

vito said...

i am glad to see you have given walt a little respect, yes he was reserved, a bit weird and didn't give a shit about the defense but he could coach and yes he gave us some hope

dave is a loser and has failed at his previous head coaching positions

please note, dave was jimmy johnsons bun boy and when jimmy left the scene dave fell flat on his face