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Friday, September 28, 2007

Wlat. The Magazine.: Production halted

Panther Rants is deeply sorry to inform our beloved readers that production on Wlat. The Magazine. has been indefinitely halted. As evidenced by our embracing He Who Went To Bowls, we do not feel that it is at all fitting or proper that the magazine should continue production at this time. Above is a preliminary cover of what would have been the first - and is now perhaps the last - issue of the magazine, unfettered by quality, production design, or slickness. Our sorrow over halting its production is revealed in the remarkable visage of He Who Went To Bowls, and he undoubtedly shares our grief at the end, before its beginning, of what promised to be a truly remarkable periodical.

Do not entirely despair, dear readers: it is entirely likely that a new magazine will be created shortly. Entitled "Wanny: Hometown Guys are the Best!," it will delve into only the most serious issues that surround Pitt's football program, focus in-depth on Dave Wannstedt's incredibly difficult task of making Pitt relevant again, and also be made of material that doubles as and has the consistency of toilet paper (generic toilet paper, not that expensive stuff).

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