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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wlat Song Wednesday

With apologies to the Tlaking Heads.....I present to you It's a Wlat Wlat Life


I'm wearing
Cool sunglasses
I ride a
Hot Denny's Waitress
It's tickling my fancy
What's that, a speech impediment

Here down in this valley
You know ho ho
I got some Wlat, Wlat life
I got some news to tell ya
You know ho ho
About some Wlat, Wlat life
Here comes Teresa Nuzzo in charge
You know ho ho
She's got some Wlat, Wlat life
That's the way she likes it, you know
Ho, ha!
Living Wlat, Wlat life.

I wrestle with Andy Alleman
You wrestle with non-stop motors
Sliding on third downs, you know
Quick kicks aren't bad either

Check out Joe Villani
You know ho ho
He bought some Wlat, Wlat life
On the way to Sheetz in Breezewood
You know, ho ho
He got some Wlat, Wlat life
Fired Buddy Morris as a deflection tactic
You know ho ho
He's doin Wlat, Wlat life
Brought in some Nebraska retard
You know
Living Wlat, Wlat life.

Piece of Ass?
Piece of cake!
Swinging Gate!
Jump off board anytime you like

Like trying a gimmick offense
Things fell apart, it's Wlatific!

Sleeping with a booster's wife
You know ho ah
Getting Wlat, Wlat life
Push it in, ahhh push it out!
Uhhh you know!
I got a Wlat, Wlat life
Spending all my money and time
On ho, hoes
Done to much Wlat, Wlat
I wanna recruit 1 stars in Ohio, in Ohio
Oh hi ho
Im doing Wlat, Wlat
You know, Hindsight is 50/50
You know
Got some Wlat, Wlat life
They're not doing what they're coached to
You know
And it's a Wlat, Wlat life
I went to Thanford, but I got canned fast
You know, ho ho
Wlat, Wlat
I know that SVP is sobbing now
You know
Living Wlat Wlat Wlat Wlat, Life

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