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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Panther Rants Interviews Big East Comissioner Mike Tranghese

The Big East conference has been through a tumultuous period over the past 4 years that has reshaped the way people think about the Big East. Panther Rants decided to telepathically contact Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese to see what's next for America's biggest little conference.

PR: Mike you led the Big East through an extremely trying time reconfiguring the conference after losing Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College to the ACC. What next for you and the Big East?

Tranghese: I'd like to get Augusta National to host the Big East Golf Championship. Beyond that there isn't really much on the table. We've always been a bit of a "live in now" conference. Speculating on the future is for scientist and politicians, We'll focus on being the most passive conference in the country.

Lee Iacocca said, "You lead, follow, or get out of the way." We generally try to stay out of the way, but when the landscape changes, for example when the other BCS conferences instituted Instant Replay, I think we've done a pretty good job of showing we can follow too.

PR: So what to you think the future holds for Pitt athletics?

Tranghese: I don't know, how is their golf team doing?

PR: Pitt doesn't have a golf team.

Tranghese: I don't really care then. I mostly only like golf and gina.

PR: Gina? You mean, like on the West Virginia NIT championship T shirts?

Tranghese: NO, vag, I like vag and golf, and now that you bring it up hoops are cool too. I like hoops. David Gavitt and I knew if we were going to have the greatest hoops in the world that we'd have to counter the sin and debauchery that big time football brings with as many football free catholic hoops powers as possible. Time has proved that we were brilliant and our conference is great.

PR: How do you think Pitt will fair in Big East play in football this year?

Tranghese: Pitt doesn't play football in the Big East. Just WVU, Syracuse, Rutgers, Connecticut, Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida, and Central Florida

PR: Central Florida doesn't play football in the Big East.

Tranghese: You could have fooled me. If they don't, than what that hell was that team with the gold helmets with the big blue blob on the side?

PR: That was Pitt.

Tranghese: Really? I could have sworn when we invited them to the Big East Pitt was good at football and had a uniform with a clean classy design. The golfing in Orlando is much better than in Pittsburgh. Maybe I was drunk on the sauce and gina when I invited Pitt?

PR: Indeed. Thanks for you time Mike.

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