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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sean Burnett to join Panthers!

Panther Rants has learned that former Pirate #1 pick, pitcher Sean Burnett will leave the Indianapolis Indians to join the Pitt Panther football team for summer camp. Burnett is tired of the Pirates organeyezation, and their unwillingness to let him suck on the major league lefthander like fellow lefthanders Zack Duke and Paul Malholm. "I am sucking no worse than they are in AAA, they might as well give me a chance but they won't, so I feel I am pitching this next month for Dave Wannstedt and Matt Cavanaugh".

"It is not unheard of" Burnett said, "JR House sucked in the minors before going back to WVU and not doing anything there." Asked why Burnett would want to join the Panthers, Burnett replied: "It's simple really. I have never seen anything close to .500 in this organization and have never played a meaningful game in September. Pitt has proven to be a contender for .500 every year and they are usually playing meaningful games until October. That would be exciting for me!"

Panther Rants asked Burnett if he ever played QB before. "Not really, but who on Pitt's roster has played any meaningful college football at QB? That at least puts me on the list. Plus, I am a weak armed left hander, and that seems to be what this franchise (excuse me I mean college) is looking for."

Panther Rants asked Burnett what he knows about Pitt FB history, specifically QB's and he enthusiastically responded: "Well I remember the great John Turman and his hotassed sister, David Priestlay was a bit of a geek, and they had that Chico Ramirez dude at QB who beat WVU!" "Oh yeah, and they like white dudes at QB!"

Panther Rants wish Burnett the best of luck not only in his battle this August for the starting QB job, but his desire to get out of the Pirate organeyezation any way possible!

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