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Friday, June 15, 2007

Andrew Johnson: Straight Outta Akron

Back in 2003, Andrew Johnson made verbal commitment to Pitt. Things were looking up for him. Anthony Morelli was about to commit. He was hoping more would follow. Pitt Football was hovering around the Top 10.

Then the sky started to fall.

Pitt had a nightmare season. Morelli was having second thoughts. Almost everyone else in the WPIAL went elsewhere. That's when Andrew decided to look elsewhere. James Bryant was looking at Miami. Penn State was not an option because he said they were horrible. In the end, he went to Miami. So how was his time at Miami?

"It was good." says Johnson, "It was nice weather, got to watch some good games, and high five a few teammates."

So why did he leave?

"It got old. I got tired of looking at game film for the Duke game every year. I enjoyed it at first. That game was always my statement game of the year. I circled the date we'd play them so I can prepare to go in when we got up about 40 points. I felt I needed a challenge." says Johnson.

Andrew started looking at other schools and checking out depth charts. He made his decision during an Applebottoms contest at Touch Night Club in the Strip. Each girl had his top schools across their backsides. The girl that got the most applause? The chick with Akron across the back of her jeans.

"That was the most fun I had since 2003 when I wore that pink suit to lie to Pitt fans that I would be coming there!" laughs Andrew.

So what did Andrew wear for this party? Looking at the picture below, at least he still has it going on.

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