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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Panthers Unveil 98th,99th,100th,101st and 102nd New Mascots of the Season

Pittsburgh---According to firsthand fictionalized accounts from sources within the athletic department, Pitt is set to unveil its latest round of new mascots for the upcoming football and basketball seasons. "We feel as though we haven't completely cornered the market on the Pitt branding, as there are still some renditions of panthers, cougars, and mountain lions which haven't graced our uniforms in some way. Until that is done, there is the chance that the casual fan won't immediately recognize the Panthers when watching them on TV. What's that? What do you mean Pitt Script? Nope, never heard of it. Sorry. Next question."

Just as we here at Pantherrants brought you the first sneek peek of "Dinobeagle", the 97th mascot of the season, we are proud to bring you advance previews of the next round of crap.

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