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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pryor eliminates Pitt

Panther Rants has taken some time to digest the news that all-world prospect Terrelle Pryor has eliminated Pitt from his collegiate choices. After some thought, Panther Rants can only ask, why is anyone shocked or surprised? Certainly, with such a high-profile recruit in your backyard, it's understandable to get your hopes up. But when you honestly weigh how the kid would fit in with either the football or basketball team, this is no surprise.

Instead of sulking, Panther Rants suggests that Pitt fans move on and start focusing their attention on a recruit Panther Rants feels is more deserving of our time - Marple Newtown High School defensive end Pete Massaro. The 6-foot-4, 245-pound defensive end is not only making quite an impression with his abilities, but Panther Rants must ask, how can you go wrong with a kid who has a Metallica "Ride the Lightning" T-shirt? Does Pryor even know who Metallica is? We bet not. Furthmore, it is a major credit to Massaro that he knows "Ride the Lightning" was easily the best of Metallica's work. Finally, Massaro is only a mullet and 1986 Z-28 away from bringing the full yinzer effect into the heart of Oakland where it belongs

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