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Friday, October 12, 2007

Waltvitation update

A week has passed since we at Panther Rants invited former Pitt head coach, He Who Went To Bowls, Walt Harris to the Syracuse tailgate on Nov. 3 and we have not received an RSVP. See below.

Part of that is probably because this blog is only read by about 19, up from 11 in September. To combat this, we reached out to Walt's former agent, Bob Lamonte, who responded kindly with the following:

"I do not represent Walt."

No, ya' don't. Walt indeed fired you after he landed the Stanford job. But it would have been nice if you would have given us a forwarding address. This, Bob, is why you're the red-headed stepchild of agents.

We also believe that Walt might have seen this and didn't believe it was a sincere invite. We assure you that it is, and are writing the following to prove such. Actually, given the fact that it's a Pitt-Syracuse game, it would be nice to know that there is at least one head coach in the stadium that has a winning record.

Then again, maybe Walt hasn't replied yet because he's too busy laughing at the sordid state of affairs in Oakland and on the North Shore. I know from personal experience that it's pretty damn tough to type out an e-mail while laughing. That said, when the laughter dies down we'd greatly appreciate your prescence in Red Lot 7A on November 3. Feel free to check out the invitation above and RSVP at


Anonymous said...

confirm the vote of confidence?

Anonymous said...

this blog is stupid like you are.

Tony in Harrisburg said...

I would invite Walt back to the sidelines! DW and his crew of misfits have to go now. I can think of ten coaches that could do a better job including the current coach of Harrisburg High School.

dr jimmy said...

This blog is not stupid, it is creative, funny and full of satire.

Hence, Mr. Anonymous it is you, yes you, who, must really be stupid, dense, or a complete idiot because you do not get it.

Kurt said...

I also park in 7a sit in 523
think your blog is a hoot, a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dismal season. trying to get to syracuse game. if you see my blue f-150 super crew with pitt magnets all over the tailgate, come over for a complimetrary straub beer.