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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pitt gets elusive moral victory, helps Brohm

LOUISVILLE -- Dejected after last week's heartbreaking win against Cincinnati, the Pitt football team rebounded for a 17-24 moral victory Saturday at Chain Pizza Place Stadium.
"It feels great to get this one under our belts. The game had everything we wanted. We fought hard to tie the game...only to give the lead back within about a minute and a half. Then we drove to the one and completely bitched it up. I mean, what more could you ask for?" said Pitt head coach Dave Wannstedt.
After trailing 14-0, Pitt (3-5, 1-2) clawed back to tie the game at 17. Louisville then marched down the field in what felt like seven seconds to take a 24-17 lead. Pitt the drove the length of the field to the one-yard-line, but lost the ball when freshman running back LeSeanMcCoy fumbled.
The moral victory was extra special for Wannstedt, who said he was happy for Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm. Brohm completed 21 passes on 30 attempts for 236 yards. Wannstedt spoke glowingly about the senior quarterback after the game and not-so-glowingly about this blog.
"Brian's a 'special' kid, and it was a shame what the guys at Panther Rants put him through this week. We were glad to see him come out and play well," Wannstedt said.


vito said...

According to my count that gives us 3 for the season.


Three more and we are bowl eligible!

vito said...

Pogo, this Moral victory against UL is one for the record books, look what our hero said today!

From todays Trib.

"This is not an easy deal," Wannstedt said. "I thought they did a great job of every week getting better. We came up short, and I know that. No one needs to tell me that. But I am proud of this football team. We'll come out next week, make improvements and keep moving forward."

Christ, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Just think we still have 4 games to go!