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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Brohm Playing With Injury

Louisville - University of Louisville released the injury report for Saturday's game against Pitt. Coach Kragthorpe commented. "Almost everyone on the team is healthy. As usual and for the 30th consecutive week, starting QB Brian Brohm is listed as 'Probable.'"

Kraghthorpe discussed the senior quarterback's ailment. "Brian continues to suffer from a sandy vag. His pussy has been stinky and sore for the better part of 4 years now after he got some sand down there a few years ago. He's doing all the rehab he can but at the end of the day, girl power usually gets him in the frame of mind to rub some Robitussin on that thing and get out there."

Brohm continued. "It's not easy playing football with a stinky vag, let alone a very sandy one. It chaffes, gets into my panties, and just causes a bad odor. Sometimes the lineman won't even get into the huddle with me. I've gotten massages and other therapies, including pedicures, a full make-over, and even a spa day with the girls. But my sandy vag just won't get better. Nonetheles, I'll be there and ready for game time on Saturday. You can count on it, girlfriend."

Brohm, considered a potential first round draft choice, has seen his stock drop since it was discovered that the whiny little bitch can't ever stay healthy and is in fact, a female.

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