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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Slap 10 - October 23

Here are some things that caught our attention during this past weekend of college football.
10. ABC/ESPN - The love affair between these guys and the Fat 10 just keeps on truckin'. Purdue and Iowa on ESPN2. Penn State and Indiana on ESPN. Michigan State and Ohio State on ABC at 3:30 and Michigan and Illinois in primetime on ABC. That's eight teams on television in an 11 team conference. Someone please explain to me the motivation to buy the Fat 10 Network again?

9. Ron Zook - Since we were stuck watching this game anyways, is there is less disciplined team in college football than Zook's? One guy hit a guy when he was a good four feet out of bounds. Another guy tackled a guy using his facemask. And of course the fumbled punt that led to a touchdown. Zook's team could be worthy of playing at 8 PM on a Saturday night on ABC, but with the stupid penalties they're merely Iowa with talent.

8. Big East Referees - We've long contended that Big East officating is the worst in division 1 football. Probably because Mike Tranghese just hires the basketball refs to do football as well. But this past weekend was disgraceful. We can live with the punt return being run back for a touchdown being overturned in the Rutgers -South Florida game. We could even maybe live with the pass interference all at the end of the game. But how can you miss a kid waving for a fair catch and bolting for the endzone? And what is the point of having a replay booth if all plays can't be reviewed? You mean I have to sit there for 10 minutes while you determine whether a kid landed in bounds but we can't rewind the tape to see if a kid waved his arms? Stupid.

7. Tennessee - So the Vols get pummeled by Cal and drop out of the top 25. They beat three straight scrub teams and climb right back in, only to get pounded and humilated by Alabama Saturday. Of course, they'll probably debut at 20th again in two weeks after convincing wins over Louisiana-Lafayette and Arkansas, only to drop out again after losses to Vanderbilt and Kentucky. Why not cut out the middle man and put 'em where they belong? Out of the polls for good.

6. F$U and Miami - Not that anyone would notice, but these two played a game this weekend. Not that you would notice, but Miami won. Not that you would possibly care, but Paterno is now within one win of Bowden's career victory total. The only good thing about F$U is that they occasionally show this skank on television.

5. Minnesota and Tim Brewster - Brewster said all the right things when he replaced Glen Mason in January. He talekd of building Minnesota into a BCS championship contender. Everything he's done since, however, has stunk out loud. Brewster openly complained about having North Dakota State on the Gophers schedule and lamented what it does for recruiting. Last week, he referred to NDSU as "the little guys in green." Well, Tim, if they're little, what the hell is your team? NDSU brought more fans to the Metrodome and scored more points Saturday. Add in the loss to Florida Atlantic and ya gotta question what the hell this guy is doing.

4. Temple - Break up the friggin' Owls, man. Temple's won three in a row. Being that we're Pitt fans, we can kinda' sympathize with Temple and their crap situation. No stadium. Few fans. We have drunken yinzers saying, "yinz gawn dahn nere fern ahhrn?" and they have Bill Cosby saying, "Coohie goo, skiddly dee." Very similar, indeed. That said, good job, Owls. Maybe Al Golden can get that shipwreck moving again afterall.

3. Holly Rowe - Holly is fat. Holly is not very attractive. And Holly, apparently, can't pay attention. Her question to Les Miles after LSU's dramatic win over Auburn, "coach what were you thinking after you called timeout?" Huh? The outrage was in the fact that Miles DIDN'T call timeout. Miles didnt even consider calling a timeout. You could even argue that Miles was thinking at all. Apparently, Holly wasn't either.

2. WVU - When Cal debuted the yellow jerseys last year in a game with Oregon it was cool. When WVU did it Saturday against Mississippi State it was straight up copying. I guess it wasn't bad enough to rip off Cal's uniform design four years ago, you had to take the exact same jersey and pant color scheme. So you steal Cal's uniforms, hire a drunk for a basketball coach that has a graduation rate of negative 70-percent and claim Pac Man Jones as an alum. Have you people no shame?

1. Notre Dame - Saturday was time for the annual "Same Old Tired Crap Game." Ohh no, they're busting out the GREEN JERSEYS. Ohh no, they held a pep rally the night before the game. Ohh no, they showed Digger Phelps screaming at the pep rally. Oh no, Southern Cal beat that ass again, 38-0. Hey Irish, stop with the crap. Seriously. You're better than this. There is no magic in those jerseys. In fact, we can't even remember the last time you won in them.


Anonymous said...

So the NFL exec who said Wanny would turn Pitt into Temple in 4 years was wrong I guess.

jenny craig said...


Who has a bigger ass Charlie or Mangino?