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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Panther Rants Presents "The Truth: Louisville"


vito said...

90 minutes, you really like to stir the so called "pot"; love it!

Mel said...

Vito Shut up already!!! Do you all rally consider yourself sports fans. These blogs are worse the celebrity gossip! You guys sound worse then a bunch of 13 year olds girls at a sleep over!!
Now this is how your supposed to write in sports blogs:
Lost among U of L's struggles this season is this fact: Brohm did the right thing by coming back, both for himself and for U of L. Kiper ranks him the No. 2 quarterback -- better than he was at draft time a year ago. He also ranks as the No. 12 overall senior.

Although Brohm has fallen down the Heisman Trophy lists, he remains high in mock drafts, a solid first-round projection, better than he likely would have fared last season, given the presence of Jamarcus Russell and the plunge taken by Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn.

And let me indulge you with some football stats knowledge...which all the smack talk you do in these blogs I hope to god you know what stats are and what the abbreviations stand for. Lets start with Pat Bostick: RANKED 117th, GP-5, APP-130, COMP-83, PAC%-63.8, PAYD-769, PAYA-5.9, INT-7, PATD-4. NOW on to Brian Brohm: RANKED 2nd, GP-8, ATT-338, COMP-230,PAC%-8.9, PAYD-2993,PAYA-8.9, INT-6 and last BUT defiantly not least PATD-24. SOO you where talking about how poorly Brohm is doing, please! I know AS a team we have sucked this year, considering we had 6 Defense players go to the NFL and 2 out 6 are top ranks in the NFL. BUT the ONE PERSON you pick...Brohm AND HIS FAMILY. This kid grew up eating, sleeping, and breathing football since he was a young boy. I mean his dad and brothers already proved that! And lets get back to why Brohm stayed. Well, his Draft standings improved this year from last year and he is an actual football player that wants an EDUCATION, as well. He want's to also finish his degree knowing that football is not the only thing in life!!!

In MY opinion you sound more like a stupid fan that only has stupid comments along with stupid jokes that probably really doesn't care about the sport in the first place and maybe gets off from making other people mad. I usally write in blogs on actual sport web-sites and talk to real sports fans of all kinds..even Pitt fans and when we talk smack to each other we NEVER belittle anyone like the way you did, joke or not!

I've said what I wanted say...because I also have my own opinion...right!

Mel said...


In My Seat 90 Minutes Before Kickoff said...

mel, you're worse than my wife with the constant posting of the exact same comment. Sheesh.

Brohm could've gone in top half of the first round last year. Oakland, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Miami, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, and Kansas City all needed QBs.

Now, only Chicago, Miami, and Green Bay need them, and of those teams, only Miami will draft in the first half of the first round.

Andre Woodson, Matt Ryan, Chad Henne, Matt Flynn, Dennis Dixon, John David Booty, Colt Brennan, Eric Ainge, Joe Flacco are just some of the QBs who will come out this year, all of whom will likely grade out better than Brohm. Look who got drafted last year, and you see the pickle Brohm finds himself in.

And if you're putting Brohm's draft stock in Mel Kiper's hands.....good luck.

Pitt Outsider said...

Mel, eat a dick. Thanks.

River_City_Rivalry_Champs said...

Did anyone actually read that entire post by mel? Lost me at "vito." I'd say mel appears to have Downs Syndrome, but that would be an insult to people with Downs Syndrome.

Mel said...

Is that it...come on guys I thought you could do better then that consider you all are just pieces of s$@%

vito said...


Let's agree, Brohm, really fucked up staying at UL, his decision cost him millions.

He is an asshole, he will be lucky to be a second round draft choice.

Who is going to pick him? Dolphins? Jets? I doubt it.

The more important question is does Brohm shit football?

Who cares, UK kicked your ass, the UK qb will be picked ahead of Brohm.

Who is a bigger asshole?

Brohm for staying another year or Bobbie P for leaving to go to Atlanta?

See you at the derby bro.


vito said...


One last thing, I do "rally" consider myself a sports fan but I'm not that serious about it, because life is way too short.

I have been following Pitt football since 1964. I have seen the ups and downs and if I was a really serious sports fan, I would have died a long time ago because of a stress related illness.

Fuck it, enjoy the banter and the sick but twisted humor of the blog.

Chill out, enjoy life, fuck with people, it's better than taking drugs.

See you at the derby bro....

Anonymous said...

This mel character is great! Which one of you guys on Rants is behind it.... there's no way it's an actual person. He makes it too easy!

Paul Rhoads' Pogo Ball said...

Mel is obviously the Louisville's answer to Brian01, minus the sense of humor, charm and ability to reason.

Anonymous said...

Likely with a bad tooth-to-gum-ratio as well

Anonymous said...

I don't get it? That Louisville fan is one guy I'd really like to ruck and scrum with!

In My Seat 90 Minutes Before Kickoff said...

gayruggerjd reads our blog?