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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reaction mixed on Pederson's Possible Return

Bud Linkman is ecstatic over the possibility of Steve Pederson returning to Pitt.

President and CEO of Bud's Helium Emporium in Bellevue used to receive a steady business from Pitt when Pederson, who was fired Monday by Nebraska, was the athletic director at Pitt. The inflatable "bubble boy," large inflated number 12 jersey and countless other stupid shit items provided a steady income to Linkman during football season. But since Pederson left, business has fallen off.

"I'd gladly welcome the guy back," Linkman said in a telepathic interview. "I'm sure he'd bring back Bubble Boy and some other crap that costs the school money that no one really cares about."

Chas Bonasorte concurs with Linkman.

Oakland's favorite knock-off t-shirt vendor said that Pitt's introduction of "Throwback" gear by Adidas has taken a large chunk of his revenue away. Once upon a time, if one wanted an authentic "Mike" script sweatshirt they went to Chas and Chas only. Now, he has competition, and feels that Pederson would take care of this immediately.

"Stevie would be so pissed if he knew they were selling script stuff again. He hated the script, he told us that the script was associated with losing. Of course, what the hell is the new stuff associated with," Bonasorte asked.

Myron Sanders of the southcentral North Carolina Pitt Club said that he and his wallet would welcome Pederson back, as would many of the 17 members of his club. He said that he grew tired of being asked for donations long ago and feel that things would go back to where they were under the first Pederson regime at Pitt.

"Ever since Steve left, these people have been asking us to donate money. Steve never did that. Steve never asked us for anything. Steve never even said hello, unless we owned a company," Sanders said.

Seventies funk band Kool and the Gang leader singer Kool also said that he'd welcome Pederson back, adding that he hasn't had a gig since the post-game concert after Pitt's home opener against East Tennessee State in 2001.

"I'm ready, and I know Wannstedt's ready too. Just look at him. You know he knows all the damn words to our songs," Kool said.

Not everyone, however, was raving about Pederson's possible return.

"Oh &^%$ me, you can't be serious," said Michael Boumerman, a Tacoma businessman and former co-director of the Seattle Bowl. Boumerman said that he dreads the possible return of Pederson and possible return of honoring bowls for no good reason on the field. Boumerman said that he will change his phone number should Pederson get the job.

"Fly 3,000 miles from Sea-Tac to Pittsburgh to stand on the field for 30 seconds and watching this clown smile? No way," Boumerman said.


Anonymous said...

I never did like him, in 97 I met him prior to the Pitt-Miami game at south beach, I always wondered what in the hell he was doing at south beach a few hours prior to the game?

Maybe he was looking for Dyno-cat.

My reaction is, let him go to UCLA and hire their next football coach

Anonymous said...

steve pedersen is a non factor so get over it people.

p.s are the idiots at
part of your crew too? similar stuff and i find myself wondering if there any serious pitt bloggers left in the city. grow up.

Anonymous said...

way to post anonymous to advertise your site.

Anonymous said...

What the hell would a "serious Pitt blogger" post at this point? Get over yourself

math 22 prof said...

Who in hell can be serious when the administration is paying the ultimate yinzer a cool million per year to lose and drive the program into the ground?

Hell I can't wait until the administration extends his contract to allow Wanny to recruit his type of player.

0-12 is the ultimate goal, this is the beginning of the end.

Anonymous said...

on the contrary. i don't have anything to advertise. my only point is that there are a lot of smart alumni blogging that could put their heads together and profer solutions to PITTS woes. A good example of this are the folks at Its just something to think about. I don't want to believe you Matt, don't we all want to see PITT succeed? thanks for listening.

Jock S said...


You ask why?