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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Matt Cavanaugh Takes a Rest

Pittsburgh, PA (PR) In a metaphysical interview, the staff at Panther Rants has learned that Pitt Offensive Coordinator, Matt Cavanaugh will take a much-needed leave of absence. Citing reasons of insomnia and the pressures of calling a forward pass, Matt has elected to take some time away from football.

In just a short two and a half years Matt has gone from looking like a vibrant man that could lead Pitt’s offense and turned into worn out, haggard looking man. Pictures do not lie. With his insistence on chaining down his quarterbacks he has not only hindered his young guns but also coached Tyler Palko out of the NFL draft.

Cavanaugh plans to return to Youngstown, OH where he will enjoy activities such as dodge ball, fishing, hunting, and being escorted to local swing-dance sessions. Matt we wish you a full recovery from your ailments and hope you get the rest you deserve. Hey, we couldn’t really tell that you were here this season anyway. No timetable is set for his return. Brian Angelichio will take over play calling duties. Brian was not available for comment; he was already busy putting a competent gameplan together for the Navy game.

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