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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Panther Rants: Vote Rauterkus!!!

We at Panther Rants don't regularly dabble in politics - we piss enough people off without getting into real hot-button issues. But when it comes to the race for Pittsburgh City Council and the Controllers Office, we feel it is in the best interest of all Pittsburghers to pull the lever for Mark Rauterkus on Tuesday.

Truth be told, we don't know a damn thing about his politics or what he may or may not do if elected. What we do know is that this Libertarian Party candidate has one hell of a sense of humor. Loyal followers of Panther Rants have probably come to realize that we like to poke fun at Mr. Rauterkus. What we like is how he takes it stride. He gets the joke, which can't be said for the entire state of Kentucky.

So, on Tuesday, when you head out to the polls, pull the leaver for Mark Rauterkus because he's smarter than everyone in Kentucky.

Also at this time, we at Panther Rants would like to extend an invitation to Mr. Rauterkus to join us for a tailgate party prior to Saturday's Pitt vs. Syracuse football game at Heinz Field. We extended the same invitation to former Pitt Head Coach Walt Harris, but sadly we haven't received a response from he who went to bowl games. Hence, Mr. Rauterkus, we have room for one more and would like to rally your cause (OK, we'll really just be drinking beer) during our tailgate party. If you choose to accept, please e-mail us through the site and we will provide the details.

Oh yeah, bring a hoagie ring or something. No one comes empty handed.


Joe said...

I think he is a PSU fan, he is dressed in blue and white!

Mark Rauterkus said...

I'll be there. Look for the email.

Scott Thombson said...

Mr. Rauterkus,

I am truly excited to be meeting you. I hope you do in fact make the tailgate.

By the way, I like capicola in my hoagie rings.

Das Boot said...

The boot, endorses Mark Rauterkus!

Don't forget to bring the jumbo saturday!