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Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Fine NTAC moment for Oderick

Pittsburgh, PA (PR) In what has become a norm for the Pittsburgh Panthers, Oderick Turner has added more to his already full list of No Talent Ass Clown Moments. During Pitt's game vs the vaunted Bearcats of Cincinnati, our NTAC hero had at least two. What are these moments one may ask? They include dropped TD passes (Michigan St), not running the proper routes(Cincinnati, UVA, hell every game this year) Jogging certain routes, back to back false start penalties (UConn) and all kind of sideline buffoonery with his team down by 30 against UCONN and UVA.
This week, Turner ran another wrong route that ended in an interception for Pat Bostick. But, the real gem came after he caught a 2-Point conversion. Oderick was flagged for taunting his own student section by putting the finger to his mouth as a silence or shhhhh gesture. A 15 yard penalty ensued backing our already poor special teams back to the 20 yard line for a kick off.

So we are giving a Real Men of Genius Tribute to you, Oderick Turner. We raise our Pint of Budweiser to you, Mr., Taunting the wrong section, after a score in your own stadium, guy!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So does he understand what the finger to the mouth is supposed to mean? I mean, does he realize you typically do that to opposing fans? Or was he saying "Shhhhh, stop booing me!" Or was there 1 Cincy fan in the crowd? I really want to know. Or is he just a NTAC, but with a bit of talent.