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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Panther Rants Presents "The Truth: Cincinnati"


vito said...

Tell me about it, I moved here 8 years ago from Pittsburgh, because of the job. Bad move, people here suck, UC football fans are worse than Pitt fans, UC had a hard time selling out a 32,000 seat stadium but since they are winning people are now jumping on the band wagon.

I have Pitt season tickets and yes I am coming to the game Saturday with a few UC people, they are pretty stupid when it comes to football and probably are going to talk shit and shoot their mouths off and hopefully someone will kick their asses.

Talk about a lack of culture, there are a few good Italian restaurants in Cincinnati but nothing like Pittsburgh. You think West Virginia is bad, try Kentucky, it is just across the Ohio river from Cincinnati. Inbred people, poor dental hygiene, makes Morgantown look like the French Riviera.

Enjoy the culture in Western PA.; southwest Ohio sucks big time!

vito said...

I told you this city sucks, no character