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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dave Wannstedt Press Conference

Coach Wannstedt and the troops emerged victorious this past Saturday with an upset win over the ranked Cincinnati Bearcats. The Panthers ended their four game skid and hope to make the Louisville game a close one this time around. Panther Rants was there to catch the press conference from Joe Mama's in Oakland. Here's what the 'Stache had to say.

On the win over Cincinnati:

It was a great win for this team and the program. I figured we were bound to win a game sooner or later. A lot of people were wondering what this team's mindset was coming into this game, but come on! It's freaking Cincinnati! It was not like we were playing Ohio State or the Buffalo Bills. We got five games left and this win sets up well for our game against Syracuse. McCoy and Larod stepped up big and Tamarcus Porter showed us how useless Marcel Pestano can actually be at times. We even got the endzone pass to Strong right. I told you we practiced those types of passes. They just need to be executed.

On the performance of the defense:

I sat in the booth for the game and watched Ben Mauk and the Bearcats offense run all over us for a touchdown on the first drive. Looking at our defense from the booth, I thought to myself: "HAVE YOU REALIZED WHAT YOU'VE DONE?!?" I don't know if it was being high off the painkillers, but we made some adjustments this time around. What amazed me and the staff is that it actually worked! If it didn't work, there was nobody in the stands left in this game to boo.

Coaching from the booth:

I didn't really do much coaching after the adjustments. I let Matt and Paul do their thing as I watched reruns of WKRP. Preparing for this game reminded me of that show and I let some of their players watch it to get hyped up. It doesn't beat WDVE in Pittsburgh, but it's close. Other than that, I enjoyed a nice fish sandwich and an IC Light as the game went on. I figured sooner or later some team would not bother to show up against us.

On the game against Louisville:

This game plan on defense worked against Cincinnati, but I'm not sure it will work again. Just to be safe, we're gonna sit back and let Brian Brohm pick us apart. We'll have our linebackers cover receivers, let the running backs gain five yards a pop, and the whole nine yards...pardon the pun. If that doesn't work, maybe we'll make some adjustments again. Until then, we have the River City Rivalry trophy to cherish. At least we're taking some type of hardware home.

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