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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First Amendment Attack!

Panther Rants, your one source for humor regarding Pitt Athletics, is under attack for a posting made yesterday. the post was so out of line, that Tom Heiser at the Louisville Courier-Journal said the following:

"I should come clean that the heinousness of this remark especially offends me because my 4-year-old son has Down syndrome; were that not the case I could just step back and say, with cold detachment, that such a vile comment has no part in any discussion of Brian Brohm's performance this year or during stellar career as a Cardinal."

Basically, he wouldn't be offended if it didn't affect him personally. Loyal Rants readers, I believe that is all I need to present to you, and thus I personally consider this matter closed.


Anonymous said...

wonder if he's related to Doke???

Anonymous said...

Doke actually has a pretty decent sense of humor. He just didnt take too kindly to his name being attached to our silliness, which is perfectly understandable.

Mel said...

I find it "frightening" that the writer of Panther Rants is unsure on how the first amendment-freedom of speech works. The right to free speech has several restrictions which include defamation and hate speech, to name a few. Not only does the writer include defamation (which is slander and libel) in his rant against Briah Brohm and to all people who have Down syndrome, but more importantly, it is considered hate speech that is defamatory or causes incitement to violence. Therefore, you sir, the writer, is "attacking" the first ammendment, not Louisville. I guess if I was to say that the writer has a very small brain and small genitalia to match the size of the brain, would you, sir, consider this to be an attack on the constitution...or yourself. I'm just stating the obvious.

River_City_Rivalry_Champs said...

Mel, as I posted to your other identical remarks:

And you sir clearly have no grasp of communications law. We here at Panther Rants are not only well schooled in the First Amendment, but also in communications law.

If you care to actually do some research you would learn that Brian Brohm is someone who would be considered a public person. His protection from hate speech, defamation and libelous language is different from a private person. Are you familiar with the term "actual malice?" If not, Google it, moron.

The irony here is that, technically speaking, you're defaming one of our writers who is a borderline private person who may qualify for full protection from libelous communication such as your previous post.

Mel said...

Lost among U of L's struggles this season is this fact: Brohm did the right thing by coming back, both for himself and for U of L. Kiper ranks him the No. 2 quarterback -- better than he was at draft time a year ago. He also ranks as the No. 12 overall senior.

Although Brohm has fallen down the Heisman Trophy lists, he remains high in mock drafts, a solid first-round projection, better than he likely would have fared last season, given the presence of Jamarcus Russell and the plunge taken by Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn.

And let me indulge you with some football stats knowledge...which all the smack talk you do in these blogs I hope to god you know what stats are and what the abbreviations stand for. Lets start with Pat Bostick: RANKED 117th, GP-5, APP-130, COMP-83, PAC%-63.8, PAYD-769, PAYA-5.9, INT-7, PATD-4. NOW on to Brian Brohm: RANKED 2nd, GP-8, ATT-338, COMP-230,PAC%-68.0, PAYD-2993,PAYA-8.9, INT-6 and last BUT defiantly not least PATD-24. SOO you where talking about how poorly Brohm is doing, please! I know AS a team we have sucked this year, considering we had 6 Defense players go to the NFL and 2 out 6 are top ranks in the NFL. BUT the ONE PERSON you pick...Brohm AND HIS FAMILY. This kid grew up eating, sleeping, and breathing football since he was a young boy. I mean his dad and brothers already proved that! And lets get back to why Brohm stayed. Well, his Draft standings improved this year from last year and he is an actual football player that wants an EDUCATION, as well. He want's to also finish his degree knowing that football is not the only thing in life!!!

In MY opinion you sound more like a stupid fan that only has stupid comments along with stupid jokes that probably really doesn't care about the sport in the first place and maybe gets off from making other people mad. I usally write in blogs on actual sport web-sites and talk to real sports fans of all kinds..even Pitt fans and when we talk smack to each other we NEVER belittle anyone like the way you did, joke or not!

I've said what I wanted say...because I also have my own opinion...right!

Jester said...

I guess Mel, which stands for Male Enormous Labia, never heard of someone called a "Public Figure."

Now, go cash in your non-accredited law degree.