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Friday, October 5, 2007

Panther Rants extends an invitation to He Who Went To Bowls

As you can probably tell, we here at Panther Rants have been mildly entertained by our ex-head coach, Walt Harris. Walt may go down in history as one of our favorite enigmas. He could strategize offensively with the best of them but struggled to hold onto recruits. He molded quarterbacks and neglected the offensive line. He beat Virginia Tech three times and lost to Temple twice. Ol’ Walt was an interesting fellow. One minute you wanted to hug him, the next you wanted to drag him behind a car.

The truth is that Walt did a great job of putting Pitt on the road to being relevant again, much like Wannstedt and friends have put us back on the road to being irrelevant. It’s not that we hate Walt. It’s that, much like a child who gets C’s when we know he could easily get As, we were disappointed in him. But nowhere near as disappointed as we are currently.

Which is why, as a way of saying “no hard feelings,” we’re inviting him to the Syracuse tailgator.
As some of you read, Walt has moved back to Pittsburgh to be closer to his family. And don’t bullshit us, dude, we know you follow this team. We read a rumor that you were at the UCONN game. Everyone pays attention to those who push us aside. Kinda’ like when we break things off with a significant other in a bitter and bitchy way, we would all love to hear from a mutual friend that they’ve turned out to be an unemployed, pregnant crack head.

So we’re asking…nah, make that pleading for you, Mr. Harris, to feel free to drop by some beer and grub, a challenge at the bean bag toss, some laughs, some friendly camaraderie and we’ll even let you in on the origins of “Wlat".....well, assuming we can remember the origins of "Wlat."
We also ask that you RSVP, ironically, to so that we (a) know if you're coming or not and (b) know if you're bringing either the hoagie ring or chips and salsa. Yeah, we're extending an olive branch, but c'mon man, everyone has to bring something.

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