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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Dallas, TX - We here at Pantherrants receive countless emails regarding Wlat. Since his dismissal from TreehuggerU, many of the inquiries are regarding the whereabouts of our former leader.

Therefore, to keep all of our excited readers updated, we request that you all notify us via email if you happen to see Wlat. We will call this feature, "Wlatspotting," and look forward to your participation. The qualifications for entry are a sighting plus a photo.

Starting things off, Dan from Texas emailed us a recent Wlatspotting in Dallas. Dan, being the big buttrock fan he is, had a big weekend scheduled to see ZZ Top. Reports state that Wlat was the guest of honor for the boys and was even allowed on-stage for some dancing. The included picture shows Wlat having a great time at the after-hours party. Many acts of debauchery took place; we rest assured not a single hooker went home without having blow snorted of her pretty little backside. Rumors suggest the band is considering a name change to ZZ Wlat but we can not confirm at this time.

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