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Friday, July 27, 2007


The lead singer position at Van Halen is similar to the head coaching position at Pitt. It's been a revolving door. Think about it......

1970's - Early 1980's: Pitt is rocking with Johny Majors and Jackie Sherrill. Van Halen is rocking out with David Lee Roth

Late 80's - Early 90's - Pitt goes in a different direction with three head coaches. Van Halen does as well with Sammy Hagar.

Mid 90's: Pitt goes back to the future...briefly. Van Halen welcomes back Roth....briefly.

Late 90's-2004: Both groups go through the motions. Pitt has a string of 8-plus win seasons. Eddie Van Halen does one too many 8-balls of coke.

Present - Pitt goes back to the past hiring Dave Wannstedt. David Lee Roth comes back to Van Halen.

Yeah I know...bad comparison, but I'm the one writing this and not you so bite me. Go to your local watering hole where Jimbo and the rest of the truckers are having a few Arhns talking bout dem Stillers. And when you do, play this song. Because when you bring back the past..that's how you know when it's love.