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Friday, July 6, 2007

Ask Wlat - July 6

You know,

Having the Fourth of July in the middle of the week blows. I spent all day Tuesday pretending that it was Friday because I was off from doing nothing on Wednesday. Then Thursday rolls around and it feels like a Monday. Now it's Friday and, you know, feels like Friday. But the problem is, you know, that I did all of my slacking on Tuesday. So I don't even have the energy to do quality screwing off, because I already did it all.

Not to mention, who the hell's reading this blog this week? Anyone with anything that resembles seniority or free time has taken Thursday and Friday off and made it a five-day weekend. No one's reading this shit this week. Hell, no one reads this shit most weeks to begin with, and the reader numbers are less than that this week. So Wlat's taking the day off. he's gonna' surf the net for some Filipina porn and then probably take a nap.

Well, I will answer one question...

Dear Wlat,


Dear anonymous,

Why not? Think about it. If you could get away with it, wouldn't you do it too? If you could have no consequences fo any of it, wouldn't you consider it? Sure, you might have a moment where dignity gets in the way, but what is dignity but a ball of crap that's been shoved down our throats since birth. "Play by the rules, always do the right thing. Treat others the way that you'd want to be treated." Bleh, that's a Goddam homework assignment.

I say: cut corners whenever you can, slack off when no one's payin' any attention, and if you can foot wedge your golf ball into a more playable lie without offending anyone, by all means go for it. Life's too short to be bogged down by stupid shit like morality.

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