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Monday, July 16, 2007

"Blue Blood" panel launches investigation

We at Panther Rants have become completely infatuated with a poster known as Corporate Panther.

It's not so much that we like him; truth be told, we think he's what Pitt already has too much of - big-money old asses who would rather complain about people cheering at athletic events rather than getting the fuck off his hands and cheering.

That said, our infatuation persists. What we love about Corporate Panther is his level of arrogance which can't be matched by such notable elitists like PITT_LAW and SVPanther. That, my friends, is braggable.

Today, Corporate Panther and his "Golden Circle" clingons have decided that they are disgusted with Pitt fans and their behavior on message boards. Thanks for finally catching on 10 years too late.

Corporate Panther announced here
that he will be "
forming a "Blue Ribbon" panel to gather a list of posters who are actively or passively hurting our chances with PITT recruits by their actions on this message board (as well as the other site). I will write a recommendation on how the poster should be dealt with and establish disciplinary measures."

We're pretty certain Corporate Panther misspoke. In fact, Panther Rants has learned that Corporate Panther will be forming a "Blue Blood" panel that includes the following:

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