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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Where Are They Now?

This is another new feature that we are offering up here at Panther Rants. Today we caught up with former Pitt Panther great and starting wide receiver Joe Delsardo. Joe was involved with one of the most spectacular plays in Pitt history. Against Rutgers, Joe pulled in a touchdown pass from Tyler Palko in which he had a vertical leap of 34 inches and pinned the ball to his helmet for a TD catch. Joe standing at 5’3’ inches tall made the play seem impossible, but in all reality a 6-foot tall player would have made it look easy. The play simply became known as “the catch”.

PR: So Joe what was the most memorable moment as a Panther?

JD: There were three. The catch, the day I received my scholly (I did not have to bring water the boys anymore or pick up jocks in the locker room) and the fact that Pittsburgh women dig Italians. When I made the catch, I was able to get as much tail as Chris Taft.

PR: Not too shabby for a slow white wide receiver. What are your thoughts on your two head coaches while you were at Pitt?

JD: Well, I was a starting wide receiver for Wlat Harris. I was a big time member of the team. Even though he was a disciplinarian the last year he was a wildcat. He just was chasing ass the last year. With Wanny, at first it was awesome we could do anything. The inmates were running the asylum. Then, everything changed and he became a total hard ass. Then I never saw the field again. So, yeah, I can’t stand the guy.

PR: Do you feel that you were made a scapegoat for the loss against Ohio?

JD: Definitely. I mean I didn’t throw the passes. I was where I was supposed to be but Tyler may have filleted Cav if he put the blame on him. I mean, I made Tyler look good so many times and now the blame was put on me. It’s just total BS.

PR: What are you doing now?

JD: I am involved with several entrepreneurial things. I am working with a company that sells iPods and the new iPhone. I also hooked up with a former Pitt great and fellow Paison, Chas Bonasorte. We are brokering a deal to have our merchandise sell at the Sheetz in Breezewood and in western Pennsylvania.

PR: Since you brought up iPods what was the rumor about the iPods and you when you were at Pitt?

JD: That was crap. I was just loading songs in for all of the fellas.

PR: C’mon Joe loading songs?
JD: Yes so many of the guys are listening to rap, country or hard rock. I was trying to expose them to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Tony Bennett and Luciano Pavarotti. They just got pissed that I put on great Italian music. Wanny wanted Frankie Yankovic. I said I don’t listen to no polkas dude. Then that was it I was suspended.

PR: What’s next for you?

JD: I currently am going to keep working with Chas, but Wlat Harris called me regarding a possible position with the Pittsburgh Passion.

PR: Coaching Joe with Wlat?

JD: Coaching! HEHEHEHEHE…. I said Wlat said a position. Nothing to do with coaching bro. Me and Wlat will ride again! That’s Amore!

PR: Thanks Joe for your time.

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