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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pantherrants Article Comes One Day Early

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania --- On the heels of vowing that it was going to publish articles only on Tuesdays and Fridays, and abstain from writing all other days, Pantherrants was unable to control itself and prematurely published this article on Thursday evening. According to the editors, Pantherrants was really looking forward to the big Friday date, and has been making a concerted effort to go three days without doing or thinking anything journalistic. However, Pantherrants eventually became antsy with the lack of any writing and began sneaking "hunt and peck" sessions at the keyboard. After approximately three sentences' worth of text, Pantherrants was unable to stop typing, typing, yes typing, yes typing, oh god TYPING, yes TYPING, harder TYPING harder TYPING YES TYPING HARDER HARDER HARDER TYPING TYPINGTYPINGTYPING!!!!!!!! and published its article one day too soon. Pantherrant reported that this rarely occurs, and is sure that Tuesday's articles will be thought out long and hard, leaving the reader highly satisfied.

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