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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another DinoCat Disappearance

In a bizarre turn of events this past weekend, Panther Rants has learned that another DinoCat disappearance has taken place. The logo that once proudly called the shoulders of the Pitt football jerseys home has mysteriously vanished.

This latest development follows a string of events that has seen the systematic disappearance of the Pittsburgh DinoCat. As of the publishing of this article no arrests have been made, nor have any suspects been named.

Current University of Nebraska and former Pitt AD Steve Pederson, the original proponent of DinoCat, made accusatory remarks on who he believes to be the culprit. "Obviously, the current Pitt Athletic Department is responsible for these crimes," Pederson stated while smiling uncontrollably. "We have seen the proposed euthanising of the DinoCat logo in the Petersen Events Center and now have another vanishing on our hands. These events have to be linked, they're not simply coincidental. The current Pitt AD is clearly responsible. We have a serial killer on our hands, good people..." Immediately following his statement, Steve Pederson was apprehended by federal authorities on charges of the infamous murder of the Pitt Script logo in 1996.

The Pitt AD did not return repeated smoke signal communications. It is believed, however, that authorities are seeking Pitt AD Jeff Long and marketing director Chris Ferris for questioning. The two were last spotted leaving the restroom together holding hands and giggling.

Panther Rants will continue to gather facts and provide complete coverage of these developing stories.

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