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Monday, July 30, 2007

Recruiting Message Board Rocked by Posting of Rumor and Speculation

Pittsburgh --- In a stunning attack on the legitimacy of internet message boards as being the most reliable source of information available, a message board devoted to University of Pittsburgh recruiting was devastated on Saturday when a member posted vague information about an unnamed football player that many derided as “rumor and speculation”.

On July 28, 2007, a poster indicated that there was “big trouble brewing” and that if the information was true it would be “ugly”. Fortunately, other members and board moderators were quick to shout down and ultimately remove the unspecified information as being baseless speculation. “It’s a shame that an unnamed player will be sullied by these nonspecific accusations. I mean, this is different from when we discussed how the Penn State football team went on a wilding spree in State College before joining the pogrom in Darfur, because that was proven by numerous other corroborating message board postings,” said one member whose legitimacy was evidenced by his 10,000 plus post count.

The site, which is premised upon its unfailing ability to predict how a high school player will perform in college and which schools the 11th and 12th graders will ultimately attend, strongly disapproved of disseminating rumors and speculative information from unnamed sources. Moreover, because both recruits and players look to the message board as their primary source of information regarding the University of Pittsburgh football program, the rumor has a ripple effect beyond the legitimacy of the otherwise ironclad information published on the site. When former and current Panthers Ted Ginn, Rory Nichols, Tyler Reed, Darrin Walls, Scott McClintock, Steve Breaston, Andrew Johnson, and James Bryant were asked about the suspect posting, they responded in unison that they were saddened by the development, but weren’t surprised. Former Panther great and first round draft choice of the Miami Dolphins Ted Ginn explained, “People are always saying crazy stuff on those boards. Hell, there are some people who are still reporting that we went to schools other than Pitt.”

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soufoaklin4life said...

I heard than only players with poor character attend universities other than Pitt.