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Sunday, July 22, 2007

We Need More Time!

Pittsburgh - College football fans across the country are beginning to feel the excitement of the upcoming 2007 season. Pitt fans are no different. Hope is the word of the day as heralded newcomers and more experienced veterans are looked upon to turn mediocrity into victory. However, this excitement must be tempered.

Pantherrants warns against excessive hopefulness for the Panther's 2007 campaign. Remember, we only have 2 good recruiting classes, a great deal of inexperience, a new starting quarterback along with a complete overhaul of the linebacking corp. This year may not be the breakout year. None of this is the current coaching staff's fault.

A smart fan realizes that it takes time to implement a new system, recruit appropriate players, and turn the tide of public opinion. So, is 2008 the big year? Not quite. Coach Wannstedt still will not have gone through a full recruiting cycle at that point; and no coach can be judged until he's done so.

Program supporters must consider the length of time needed to alter the public perception of fans, alumni, local players, local coaches, and the media. This is not done overnight. It starts when a young child is born and is influenced by his friend's and family's passions. Theses children are only being influenced now. Therefore, if Wannstedt is truly to be judged, it will not be until these children are raised, recruited, and play in 4-5 years of college football. Therefore, the clock started ticking in December 2004 for Wannstedt. He better get moving because time will run out 23 years after those babies develop and play 5 years in the "system." So watch out, Wanny - us Pitt fans are going to be all over you in December 2027 if you don't get things turned around.

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Anonymous said...

More time, huh? As the Pitt program continues to be bypassed by programs such as Louisville and Rutgers and is held in such low esteem that Cincinnatti is picked to finish ahead of them in the conference. Cincinnatti?!?
Walt Harris was run out of town by a media/booster intimidated AD after winning seasons and bowl games. Now we are left with losing seasons, no bowl games and forced to give away tickets to fill half the stadium.
But we have good recruits...give me a break!