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Friday, November 2, 2007

Wlatvitation Update - The bottom of the ninth

BLAWNOX -- Saturday is shaping up to be one of the biggest tailgators the Rants has had in recent memory. People are crawling out of the woodwork to attend. People are driving and flying in from far away places such as Chicago and Washington D.C. to partake in our stupidity. The most shocking announcment came Tuesday, when the Rants newest favorite political son, Mark Rauterkus, announced to us on his blog and through e-mail that he also would be attending. Saturday is expected to be a large day with a large crowd.

However, it is with extreme sadness that we report that ex-head coach Walt Harris has not only not agreed to attend, he has not contacted us at all. We find this sad, since Walt obviously has let some of the water flow under the bridge by moving back to Pittsburgh in the first place. We'd think that He Who Went To Bowls would welcome an opportunity to rubs elbows with some of his old admirers (and critics) as a way to say "no hard feelings."

We are taking one last chance to plead with Walt to drop by Saturday if he has time. Hell, print out the logo above and present it like it's a club level seat ticket; someone will surely point you in the right direction. "Oh, you want those guys? See the scrawny loud mouth with the tall loudmouth and the two fat-asses? Yup. Right there's your group."

And for God's sakes, Walt, we beg of you: at least bring a damn bag of chips or something, since we appear to have more mouths to feed than normal this weekend.


dr jimmy said...

VT might have the lunch pail but did you see Rhoads with the gay hard hat?

Gimme a break!

vito said...

Did Walt make it!