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Friday, November 30, 2007

Steve Pederson is Back as AD!

Pittsburgh (PR)- Panther Rants has learned that the Pitt Administration will name Steve Pederson as the athletic, again! "This is a new era, well this is uh, uh, a repeat of a great time period in Pitt Athletics." said Mark Nordenberg, Sith Lord. In tradition or lack there of, Pederson plans to resurrect the Dinocat, dissolve the Panther Club, bring back Team Pittsburgh, go back to calling us Pittsburgh and gasp, new uniforms again. We all were wondering when would they change the Dinocat logo on the seats inside of Heinz Field, well we don't have to worry about that anymore. Some other things that we can look forward to is, the alienation of fans and 16 on the field celebrations during each football, basketball and baseball game.

Pederson does have a plan to bring Pitt, damn it, I mean Pittsburgh back to the upper level of mediocrity. It will start with the hiring, rehiring of Walt Harris. This will happen after next year when, Dave Wannstedt has another sub par year with top-notch talent. Of course, Steve will give Dave and Co. a 4 year contract extension so that when Dave gets the pink slip, we will be asked to donate more money to the Athletic Department.

We went around the city looking for responses to this announcement. Kirk, known on the internet circles as Pitt#10, was ecstatic. "This is the best thing to happen at Pitt since the last time he was hired." "He will bring back my good buddy Walt and everything will be good again."

The "spirit of Pitt Stadium" could not be found for a comment but we know that it is not pleased.

Walt Harris did not comment but did have one helluva big smile on his face.

We shall see what happens in this new, yet old era of Pitt Athletics, but we all know that you can go back to the future a third time. Just ask Marty Mcfly!


Anonymous said...

FUCK,FUCK,FUCK. Just when I thought we might have a chance to return to Pitt Script, and get rid of Notre Dame / Navy / any # of other school's unis I learn of this news.

The University of Pittsburgh can officially kiss my ass. They have just blurted out loud what they have been hinting at for years - they don't give a shit about me as a fan.

Dick Vermeil said...

you have to learn to handle have to learn to handle your own intensity

vito said...

I give up, fuck them, fuck!

Wanny gets a contract extension, this is a fucking joke right?

Tell me I'm the one who is fucked up!

he who went to bowl games! said...


What a stroke of genius!

Seems like 96 all over again!

You know!