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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pitt - Buttgers: Live Wlog!

All times PST.

9:04 - Roll out of bed in time to see the infamous gold jerseys. Maybe I'm still drunk? Oh, and the sharp Sarah Kustok tells us about the mythical 'waiting list' for Buttgers tickets. This is taking on WMD proportions.

9:08 - Apparently during the bye week Pitt took special teams lessons from the Steelers.

9:12 - Direct quote "Lovelace can throw the ball very effectively" as they display his season completion percentage of 33.....

9:21 - And He Who Went to Bowl Games returns as a goblin to call a quick kick that travels 7 yards. Innovative!

9:23 - Make that a 4-yard punt.

9:25 - Cox benefits by being ridiculously beat! INT!

9:27 - Most abysmal play-calling I've ever seen. What a fucking pussy set of plays, Cavanaugh. You have momentum on your side so you run up the middle three straight times. Yeah, Buttgers will never expect that.........what a joke.

9:32 - Sack and fumble by Scott McKillop!! If they waste this opportunity.......

9:39 - The most unbelievable series of plays I've ever seen. I can't even describe it.

9:41 - 8 tries inside the 5 and we're kicking a field goal. This, my friends, is Pitt Football.

9:43 - Nevermind, we're going for it and.......WE GET IT!!!!!! TD STRONG! Wow, what a result following a bizarre series of plays.

9:49 - Way to keep the momentum building....nothing like giving up a long TD pass. Well done.

9:59 - Buttgers player is down, and Schiano is out there. What good can he possibly be doing there?

10:05 - INT Scott McKillop!!!!

10:12 - And after a FG that looks like it was kicked by me, we get nothing out of the TO. Meanwhile, the titanic Fat 10 matchup between overrated #1 and overrated #2 is 7-3, with the number of people asleep outnumbering the number of yards gained.

10:28 - Weak PI call leads to a Rice TD run, highlighted by poor tackling and being out of position. In other words, the Rhoads' defense we've come to loathe over the last half-decade.

10:42 - Our offense is abysmal. Without McCoy, I shudder to think where this team would be. I'm starting to lose faith that Pat Bostick will develop into a D1 QB. He can't seem to complete a pass over 5 yards, he isn't mobile enough to avoid pressure, and frankly his footwork is frightening.

11:01 - Well, we get the ball first, let's see what adjustments (snicker) were made at halftime.

11:02 - Kevan Smith is apparently coming in at QB......let's see how this goes.

11:09 - Smith shows some mobility, but our passing game is still nowhere to be seen.

11:15 - The defense is playing very well today, too bad the offense can't help them out. And on cue, the offense shoots itself in the foot again. Expect Buttgers to score a TD on this drive.

11:23 - See? God damn it, the defense plays well, takes momentum back, but the offense won't do shit.

11:35 - Nice drive stalls because of some ridiculous shit. If not for Lee's horrendous 31-yard miss, we'd (somehow) be down by 1.

11:51 - Our offense is abysmal.

11:57 - This might be the best game the defense has played in 5 years. Shockingly, the offense won't be able to put 7 on the board. Just watch.

12:02 - See?

12:08 - And here is where our defense spits the bit and gives up a TD.......

12:11 - Dropped INT, Buttgers with a FG atempt. And it is good, Buttgers by 4. By the way, The Fat 10 still sucks.

12:15 - Good starting field position. Let's see how the offense can screw this up.

12:19 - We fucking suck.

12:23 - Our offense fucking sucks. Our defense is playing balls out.

12:31 - WEAK PI call. Fucking weak. How much did Guido pay the refs for that one? Nice fucking game refs.

Fucking Buttgers is awful, and should never have won this game. This is only a testament to how bad our offense is.


vito said...

I went to the game, we should have beat those assholes, any chance they buried our OC MC at the meadowlands after the game?

Play calling really sucked!

Bostick looked like a deer in the headlights!

We still almost pulled it out, oh well, I'm off the the Steeler game, later!

vito said...

fuck what a wasted weekend, pitt loses to butgers, the steelers lost to the jets, now my flight is cancelled!

i'm stuck in the toxic waste meadowlands until monday, i'm fucked!

In My Seat 90 Minutes Before Kickoff said...

Stay strong vito, stay strong.

vito said...

90 minutes, as always, thanks for the words of wisdom, we made it home to the cultural mecca in cincinnati from the toxic meadowlands.

I'm looking forward to this week of reading your insights regarding those assholes from Tampa.

Guido said...

We offered Pitt the same deal first, they were too cheap to pay.

Maybe in 2009 when your playing RU you guys will wise up and pay up. You need all the help and protection because your coaching staff and administration are idiots. He who went to bowl games payed us on a semi-regular basis, thats why he took inferior teams to bowl games in 97, 00, 01, 02, 03 and 04.

Wanny is too stupid he thinks you can win using a 1970's offense.