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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tailgating Recap- DISSED BY THE WLAT MAN

BLAWNOX -- We apologize for the lack of content over the weekend, as the majority of the Panther Rants crew made the trip to Pittsburgh to see what was a magnificent display of punting, more punting and, we almost forgot, punting in Pitt's 20-17 blowout victory against Syracuse Saturday. This blog has roughly eight contributing writers with the majority of them living about two hours from Pittsburgh. Approximately six of those made the trip in for what was a glorious tailgate and and a football game that could cure amnesia.

We'd also like to announce a formal eternal tailgating invitation to area Pittsburgh politician Mark Rauterkus who remained true to his word and came to the tailgate fully armed with some of his buttons and DVDs, not to mention doughnuts, bear claws and a bag of popcorn that could fill the trunk of a 1974 Cadillac. Mark was also as much fun to talk with and have around and his time and effort were rewarded with a Panther Rants limited edition collectors t-shirt. Unfortunately, none of Mark's new tailgating buddies actually live in his district, making his experience a complete waste of time, energy, and about $20 ($17 if he used his Giant Eagle Advantage card). We hope, however, that he doesn't view it as such and becomes a regular. The more the merrier.

We were disappointed to see that Walt Harris did not make it either before or after the game. Given that we announced his invitation for well over a month, we found this disappointing. Maybe he couldn't find us. Maybe he hates us. Maybe the deli was running late with that hoagie ring that we asked for. Who knows. All we know is that he was a no show despite us reserving a seat for him (shown above).
Well, Wlat, and it is again Wlat after you blew us off, we have bad news for you. We're not finished. We're re-making that logo and inviting you for the USF game. And if you don't show for that, we'll ask you to the season opener, and then the game after that, and then...we're not gonna' stop with this shit until you at least drop by to say hi.
You'll enjoy yourself. If you don't believe us, just ask Mark Rauterkus.


vito said...

Next year i am going to attend one of your major gala events. I'm about 5 hours away and I get to attend 2-3 games per year.

Too bad He Who Went to Bowl Games did not attend, I am sure he had a schedule conflict.

As you know once a Wlat always a Wlat!

he who went to bowl games! said...

Give the man, one more chance!

Ya Know!