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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wanny's Brilliant Gameplan

North Shore - Last night on Panthers Weekly, Coach Wannstache gave his gameplan for beating WVU. (sorta paraphrasing) "We've got to hold them to 8-10 play drives."

Go back and read that. He didn't say 3 play drives. The retarded bitch with mange on his crappy moustache said 8-10 play drives. This man has 30+ years of coaching experience. Just ask him. And his brilliant plan is to allow the competition to have long, sustained drives.

This really shouldn't be a surprise after his suggestion that Navy being held to 8 minute drives would be a great idea. Yeah - any time you can keep the opponent's offense on the field, you know you're doing great. You retarded ape. I hate you. Please quit before we officially are I-AA.

And someone please tell me why this retarded slap continually has the "darnit - if they just would have done [insert: what a good coach would have gotten them to do] we wouldn't be in this mess."
3 years we've watched this putz in a perpetual state of frustration. Dave - give up. Your health isn't worth it.


Hamilton said...

Pretty sure WVU doesn't usually need that many plays to score TDs...10 plays could be a lot of points when you are giving up 40 yard plays.

Charley said...
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Charley West said...

Thank you for doing my work for me.

In My Seat 90 Minutes Before Kickoff said...

Hamilton, you didn't hear? We're playing the Brawl on a polo field this year.

Buzzardbilly said...

I'm sorry, but that post is hilarious.

vito said...

We are only fucked for one more year, Wanny is a complete and absolute idiot.

Sort of strange isn't it to think that he who went to bowl games wasn't all that bad. He was a bit weird but not the complete and absolute idiot that Wanny appears to be.

Wanny is just an asshole.